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In our ( "Women in Tech" series of articles, we present inspiring women who have successfully gained a foothold in the IT industry. In focus today: Daniela Valero, Senior Engineer Experience Technology at Publicis Sapient.

Screenshot of me in CSS

Recently I learned about the concept Learn in Public. The concept of learn in public, is basically: Pick a skill you want to learn, practice it, post about it. Simple but refreshing. So, I have decided to learn in public about making art with code. Yet the path feels long, the first easy step for me was to draw something with CSS. In this case, myself.

learning people

When leading technical teams, one of the most important things we need to take care is to grow the team skills by introducing knowledge, patterns, techniques, that are relevant for the team, the product and that the people are ready to understand.

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When we build digital products, there are involved different roles. Each one of them has their particular focus area and responsibilities to shape a product. Each one of the roles has also some implications when it comes to caring for accessibility. Regardless of not being clear, or explicitly defined, the responsibilities are important to understand, if we want to build inclusive web experiences.

Naming and describing for screen readers

One of the things I see confuses devs more often when starting with a11y is to understand the difference between aria-labeledby, aria-label and aria-describedby. Here I explain briefly the difference, so that we use them in a more meaningful way.

Developer conding

As devs we often see recommendations like: "Don't test implementation details" without further detail explanation. However, if we want to learn and become better devs, we need to understand how this translates to writing tests.

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Companies are more and more adapting the Product focus, and are going away from standard projects. Working with a product mindset seems to be the "How" that guides the actions to become better actors within the digital world. But what does this mean for web developers? What does it mean for those who have been working in projects? Let me share my take on this.

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How to advance our career as women without feeling the struggle of the gender anti-discrimination war