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Litte about me

Portrait photo of Daniela

Who am I professionally?

A translator from non technical language into technical language, and vice-versa.

I mix elements of leadership, cross-culturalism, design and creativity with fronted technology.

I have one step in each of all of those fields, and I seek for ways to advocate for diversity in technology.

Who am I outside work?

I am an active person, love endurance sports and yoga. They are my form of mediation. I am also a theater actress, well one in training. I learn in german, and I must say: I suck at it. But regardless, I enjoy it!

I base all my relationships on respect, independently of who I am relating to, I treat living beings with respect and kindness.

What is my niche in frontend?

I am really in love with accessibility, it makes me think out of the box to provide good experiences to all users, regardless of their abilities.

I am leading development teams, and from that perspective in my daily work I am looking at the whole picture, where are we now, where do we want to go, technically and feature-wise.

I am not super strict with quality, but I do care a lot about consistency and unit test what really matters.

How to get in touch?

Through any of the social networks below! :)